Published work

Heroines on Horseback
Girls Gone By, Bath, 2013

All children’s books are about the fulfilment of dreams, but pony books, perhaps more than most, allow their readers to live their dreams. Most of the children who read pony books will never have riding lessons, let alone ponies.Punchbowl Farm Heroines on Horseback looks at the development of the pony book from its beginnings in the pre-Victorian animal story, to the time when, Geoffrey Trease wrote, “you could have sold Richard III if you had given it the right wrapper and called it A Pony for Richard.”


“Jane Badger has given horse and pony stories the serious consideration they deserve. A huge amount of research and editing must have gone into this book. I loved reading it and I’ve learned a lot.” Victoria Eveleigh, author

”This wonderful book brought back many, many happy memories for me. And suggested some authors that I had missed … Highly recommended!!” Cole Thornton, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer

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Articles and introductions

Ten of the Best Horse and Pony Books
Books for Keeps, January 2012

Introduction – Josephine Pullein-Thompson’s Six Ponies, Fidra Books, 2007
Introduction – Primrose Cumming’s Silver Snaffles, Fidra Books, 2007

The Peculiarities of Child Growth in Chatton, Folly Magazine Christmas Special, 2009
How to Write a Pony Book, Folly Magazine, Summer 2004

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