Corporate work
I would just like to say thank you for the work you undertake and the comments you provide. You can be incredibly insightful with your comments, especially considering most of the time, you do not have all of the information or contextual background.
Neil Capstick, Executive Compass


I told a friend that Jane puts the draft through a mangle and hey presto! a story emerges on the other side … I am thrilled.
Eliza B Hill, Charlie Rabbit and the Black Deer, 2018

I wanted to write to say what fantastic help I received when editing the latest instalment of Fred ‘n’ Friends. Jane does certainly know her stuff. Not only did she proof the story excellently but she also offered assistance with several of the tricky rhythms. I was so pleased with my latest story and this is all down to Jane’s help. I have already recommended Jane’s services to one of our agency’s largest clients and I shall continue to recommend her where possible. Thanks, Jane, you’re a star!
Angela O’Donnell, Fred ‘n’ Friends, 2017

Thank you very much for all the work you have done. I will have three books to take to schools now. This one has been the best, thanks to you.
Eliza B Hill,  The Wylder Valley, 2017

Exactly the belt and braces (snaffle and martingale??) eye I needed.
Polly Faber, author, equine fact check, Pony on the Twelfth Floor, 2017

Thank you to Jane Badger, who through her website has supported all horse book writers, present and past, for some years now and who did the most respectful, yet effective job when editing this book.
Katharina Marcus, The Boy with the Amber Eyes, 2016

Jane is a true-born talent in editing. She’s helped us many times in proofreading translations and naturalising non-native writing. No matter whether the subject is academic research or fiction, she is always able to pick the correct words and give a stylistic brush-up. Her professionalism and punctuality leave no room for criticism. I warmly recommend her as an English editor!
Jussi Rosti, Managing Director, Aakkosto Oy

Students and academia
You were so helpful. Couldn’t have done it without you.
Dawn, dissertation on counselling, 2016

Thank you for all you have done. I really appreciated each one of your comments and suggestions.
Isabel Pinto, for article submitted to JILAR (Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research), 2016

Jane has provided professional proofreading services to me for a number of years. This work has been varied, and has included proofreading a diverse range of work including my undergraduate dissertation, and applications for clinical and professional training as well as abstracts for journal article publication. All of the work has been completed to a fantastic standard with amazing turn around, often at short notice!
Stephanie Kelly, Assistant Psychologist, 2016

Thanks again for the help. I will definitely contact you should I have more writing to do in the future, and recommend you to any friend in need of a reliable proofreader!
Chiara, MA history student, 2015

Thank you Jane for doing such a great job of proof reading and correcting the proofs for Kindle of my new book With Vacant Possession?‘ Thanks again.
Gillian Baxter, 2018

Jane has worked with us on many occasions, writing introductions, proofreading and writing copy and has always been creative, accurate and on time.
Vanessa Robertson, Director, Fidra Books

Praise for Heroines on Horseback

It’s written in an engaging (and perfectly edited – not a typo to be found in the whole book) way, with a combination of just enough academic rigour to satisfy the serious reader and personal notes to satisfy the more general fan.
Liz Dexter, LibroEditing

The other reviewers here have already said everything that I would have, and it seems pointless just repeating it. But I would like to add my voice to theirs in saying that this is a fabulous book, which takes you at a brisk canter through the history of the pony book from Black Beauty (not, it turns out the first in the genre, but the best known) through to modern fiction. Jane Badger’s appraisals are spot-on and she succeeds brilliantly in making what could have been a very dry read into an entertaining as well as informative one – and it was lovely to see the cover artists and illustrators getting a mention as well.
Nogginthenog, Amazon

I should start by saying that I initially purchased this purely out of gratitude, courtesy and appreciation for the great British institution that is Jane Badger and her fabulous blog. As someone who has so far only read maybe a quarter of the books mentioned in HoH at the most (and most of them in adulthood) and was thus excluded from the trip down memory lane other reviewers refer to, I didn’t expect to find it a particularly riveting read and was fully prepared to give it but a cursory glance before confining it to the shelf to gather dust. The interesting thing that happens when people with passion who can write well start writing about their passion, however, is that it can completely draw you in – and then suddenly you find that the ‘cursory’ glance has turned into a five hour reading extravaganza, in which you have acquired a full overview of the history of the pony book to date while being thoroughly entertained. And that’s exactly what happened to me with this book.
Katharina Marcus, author

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