Terms and Conditions

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I need to know how long your document is (word length), and when you need it back. I can then give you an estimated cost and delivery date. If you are unsure exactly how much work your document needs, I am happy to work on a sample for you (maximum 1000 words), free of charge, so that you can make a decision based on that.

Occasionally there might be problems with the document I have not foreseen, particularly if the document has sections written by different authors. If this is the case, and I need to revise either my pricing or the completion date I will contact you immediately, and stop work until we agree on what terms I will proceed. If you decide you do not want to continue, I reserve the right to charge for what I have done until that point.

Urgent pieces
I can turn round pieces very quickly if need be, as long as I have the time available. It is always worth asking. Sometimes projects I have booked in don’t arrive when expected. As a guide, it will take me around 24 hours to do a piece of around 10,000 words. If this is the situation you’re in, it’s best if you contact me first to discuss whether or not I can fit you in. I reserve the right to charge extra for urgent pieces.

Working on your document
It is best if your document is in Word, but I can accept other formats. Please check with me first. Once I start work on your document, if I have any queries I will contact you, generally via email. Unless you specify you want a paper copy worked on, and returned to you in that format, I will work on your piece using the Track Changes facility in Word. This will enable you to see all the changes I suggest. It is up to you whether you accept them or not.

What if I can’t complete your piece?
It is very rare that this happens. Generally it is because the degree of editing I have to do is so great I am writing much of it for you. I cannot do this if your piece is academic or professional. I reserve the right to return the piece to you in that case, and to charge for the work done to that point.

I am happy to sign, and have signed, confidentiality agreements.

Corruption and viruses
If I find corruption or viruses in the document you send me, I will let you know. If the document becomes corrupt, I will contact you. If you are willing to accept that the document might not remain stable, I will continue working on it. If you do not wish me to continue working on the piece, I reserve the right to charge for the work done to that point.

If you send me a document or email containing a virus, I will let you know. I reserve the right not to work on any document that contains a virus.

Payment terms
I accept payment by bank transfer, international bank transfer, Paypal or cheque, and will invoice you once the piece is done. All the details for the various payment methods will be on the invoice. Student payment is due immediately; for other clients I offer 30 day terms. If you have a large project, please contact me to discuss terms.

Monthly invoicing
If I take on regular work for you, I am happy to discuss invoicing you at the end of the month.

If I can’t take on your piece, I can recommend other proofreaders. Any agreement you come to with them is a different entity to your commercial relationship with me, and it is your responsibility to negotiate terms and conditions with them. I am not liable for that relationship, or for the service, price or work the other proofreader carries out.

If I take on your book either as a manuscript assessment, or to proofread it, I cannot review it on my website. I am happy to ask one of my contacts to do a guest review, but cannot guarantee that a review will appear.

Agreements outside these terms
If you have particular requirements, please contact me.