Students – Terms and Conditions

What my proofreading service does
I will check your spelling, your word use and grammar, your sentence structure and the general sense of what you are saying. Your formatting will be checked to make sure it conforms to the style sheet you need to use. I will check your bibliography to make sure it conforms to the rules set down by your institution.

You will receive a document marked up in Track Changes so that you can see all the alterations I have made. It is then up to you to accept (or not) the changes I have made.

Will you write my piece for me?
No. You’re being judged on what you can do; not on what I can. I cannot alter the meaning of what you’ve said. I cannot add content for you. If you’ve said something ambiguous, I will point this out. You are responsible for the final content of the piece.

You’re also responsible for demonstrating you can create references and a bibliography. For that reason, I will not do major work on bibliographies: if you’re in real trouble with it, I will suggest what you can do to put it right, but I can’t do it for you. I can do some examples so you know what you should be aiming for, but not the whole thing.

I am not responsible for the final mark you achieve. I cannot guarantee that you will get a better mark because you use my proofreading services. By signing this agreement you acknowledge that you understand that.

You must acknowledge all the sources you have used, and it is your responsibility to check this.

Plagiarism is a serious offence, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are not committing it, and that you are not breaking copyright law. Use Turnitin or a similar programme as a check, at the very least. I will not check your work for plagiarism.

I charge special rates for students, but please note that all charges are subject to VAT:

£9.00 + VAT per thousand words for a non-urgent piece
£12.00 + VAT per thousand words for an urgent piece (ie the deadline is days, not weeks or months).

Non urgent pieces
As at 31st May 2016, this is £9.00 + VAT per thousand words. This charge may have to be altered if your piece needs a lot of work. So that you know what you’re up against, it’s best if you send me a sample piece first — one or two sides of A4. I will edit this for you (free of charge) and return it to you with an assessment of the likely cost per thousand words.

Urgent pieces
I can turn round pieces very quickly if need be, as long as I have the time available. It is always worth asking. Sometimes projects I have booked in don’t arrive when expected.

As a guide, it will take me around 24 hours to do a piece of around 10,000 words. If this is the situation you’re in, it’s best if you contact me first to discuss whether or not I can fit you in. I charge £12.00 + VAT per thousand words for this service.

How long will it take?
Usually around 5 days, but it can be much quicker. If you have a piece you need urgently — for example, the deadline’s two days away — I can sometimes accommodate this, but I charge more for this service because of its intensity.

Late submission
You need to let me know the date on which you’ll send me your piece. This is important so that I can schedule your piece in and give it the time it deserves. When you book the piece in, I will give you a return date. If you send your work to me later than we’ve agreed, I may need to return it later than agreed.

Payment terms
Payment is due as soon as I have submitted the piece to you. I accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer or cheque, and will invoice you once the piece is done.

What you need to do
• Check your institution allows the use of proofreaders, and whether you need to refer to the fact you have used a proofreader in your text.

Supply me with:
• The piece you want me to proofread, as a Word document
• The style guide you are using
• The bibliography style you are using
• A signed copy of these terms and conditions. I will email you the full form.

Prices correct as of May 2016.