Proofreading’s one of those things it’s easy to overlook. You’ve spent hours on the design of your website, or the wording for your report, and to you, it looks great. It reads beautifully. You’ve read it several times yourself.

The problem is that you don’t see your mistakes: your brain sees what it wants to see. It is very, very difficult to proofread your own work. I can help you make sure your work reads as well as possible.

What do I proofread?
• articles
• books
• pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs)
• submissions
• tenders
• websites.

Books I’ve proofread

Fidra Books, Edinburgh

Mabel Esther Allen – Chiltern Adventure
Mabel Esther Allen – The School on North Barrule
Mabel Esther Allen – The School on Cloud Ridge

Joanna Cannan – We Met Our Cousins
Joanna Cannan – London Pride

Primrose Cumming – Silver Snaffles

Anne Digby – Secret Letters at Trebizon
Anne Digby – Fifth Year Friendships at Trebizon

Ruby Ferguson – Jill’s Gymkhana
Ruby Ferguson – A Stable for Jill
Ruby Ferguson – Jill Has Two Ponies
Ruby Ferguson – Jill Enjoys Her Ponies
Ruby Ferguson – Jill’s Riding Club

Olivia FitzRoy – Steer by the Stars
Olivia FitzRoy – Orders to Poach
Olivia FitzRoy – The House in the Hills

Katharine Hull & Pamela Whitlock – The Far-Distant Oxus

Elinor Lyon – The House in Hiding
Elinor Lyon – We Daren’t Go A-Hunting
Elinor Lyon – Run Away Home
Elinor Lyon – Dragon Castle

M Pardoe – Bunkle Began It
M Pardoe – Bunkle Brings it Off
M Pardoe – Bunkle’s Brainwave
M Pardoe – Bunkle Scents a Clue
M Pardoe – Four Plus Bunkle

H M Peel – Easter the Showjumper

K M Peyton – Fly-by-Night
K M Peyton – The Team

Josephine Pullein-Thompson – Six Ponies
Josephine Pullein-Thompson – Pony Club Team

Sheila Stuart – Alison and the Witch’s Cave
Sheila Stuart – Alison’s Christmas Adventure

Victoria Walker – The Winter of Enchantment
Victoria Walker – The House Called Hadlows