Manuscript Assessment

You’ve finally written the book you always thought you had in you. You’ve slaved over it, and now it’s finished, but is it any good? I can provide an impartial assessment of your manuscript, and help you to make it better.  My speciality is horse and pony fiction, but I’m happy to work on most texts: my own reading covers literary fiction, detective novels and fantasy. I would probably struggle to assess romantic fiction, and horror is completely beyond me.

I have been through the editing process myself so I do know just how traumatic it can be when the email containing the assessment lands in your inbox. I aim for honesty tempered with sensitivity. What you will get is an honest assessment of your manuscript, and most importantly how it can be improved.

How much will it cost?
How much the service costs depends on what length the manuscript is. There’s a base charge of £50.00, then £5.00 per 1,000 words, and a printing fee, which ranges from £5-£10 depending on manuscript length. VAT is then added on top.

What do I get?
I will write a report on your novel, in which you’ll get an overview, an assessment of characters, plot, style, and punctuation, spelling and grammar, followed by a detailed assessment of the manuscript. For a 50,000 word novel, you can expect an assessment document of around 5,000 words. If you’ve written a pony story (my speciality) I can give you some idea of whether what you’re writing is likely to be published. A manuscript assessment is a different animal from a copy edit, but if I will highlight those errors I see, and will mark these up on your document using Word’s Track Changes feature.

How long will it take?
Usually around 14 days, but it can be much quicker. If you have a piece you need urgently, I can sometimes accommodate this, but I charge more for this service because of its intensity. When you book the piece in, I will give you a return date. If you send your work to me later than we’ve agreed, I may need to return it later than agreed.

How do I know your service is for me?
I can assess your first 1,000 words free of charge, and provide you with a short report.

Payment terms
Payment is due as soon as I have submitted the assessment to you. I accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer or cheque, and will invoice you once the piece is done.

What you need to do
Supply me with:
• The piece you want me to proofread, as a Word document, double spaced and in a conventional format (eg Times New Roman, Calibri)
• A signed copy of my terms and conditions, which I will email to you.